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Alabama Hills

October 26, 2017

Coming from Los Angeles, the Alabama Hills are a great place to camp for so many reasons. It’s only about a three hour drive to Lone Pine, the camping is free, the scenery is amazing, and it’s right next to the Eastern Sierra InterAgency Visitor Center. Tuttle Creek is nearby across Whitney Portal Road, and is only a $5.00 fee per night.

Sitting in the middle of Owens Valley, the Alabama Hills provide great views of the Sierra Nevada to the west, and the Inyo and White Mountain ranges to the east. There are a ton of places to camp within the boulders that surround the roads.

Alabama Hills

The proximity to the Eastern Sierra InterAgency Visitor Center is a big draw for me. It’s easy to pick up wilderness permits early in the morning after camping in the Alabama Hills. It’s a much shorter drive than even going from Bitterbrush Campground to the White Mountain Ranger Station in Bishop.